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Chariot of Hope - Open for business.

The Chariot of Hope is a Hemp food van attending markets, festivals and weekly on the streets of our beautiful ocean lined city of Newcastle…

The Chariot of Hope is a Church of Ubuntu initiative birthed from our passion to serve Hemp Food and to raise awareness about the benefits and potential of the Cannabis/Hemp plant.

After over 100 years of prohibition and propaganda about the worlds most beneficial and useful plant the truth is finally becoming known.

Prior to prohibition, The Cannabis/Hemp plant has been successfully consumed as food and medicine for thousands of years with ‘no recorded deaths ever’

It’s so exciting to see the lies now being seen for what they are, as the truth is now becoming evident because  millions of people worldwide are experiencing the benefits of the safe and effective consumption of medicinal Cannabis.

While millions of people worldwide are starting to reap the benefits of consuming The Cannabis/Hemp plant for health and disease prevention, the potential of industrial hemp is becoming well known as more and more people are realising that Hemp has the potential to create an abundance of jobs and make our country self sustainable by making biodegradable products such as building material, plastic, fabric, paper, fibre, biofuel, oil, batteries and more.

The Chariot of Hope is based on the Hemp for Health educational program raising awareness about Hemp being  “Food for our body, solutions for earth.”

We look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

Please see upcoming dates for events on our Ubuntu community Calendar or find us along the foreshore at Newcastle East every Thursday 2-6pm weather permitting.

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